Mobile VOIP is becoming increasingly popular , allowing companies to work remotely or being mobile and out of the office. You now don’t have to give your clients your cellphone , they will contact you on the landline where ever you may be. You can still have the telephone system manage your calls with a welcome greeting , and transfer of calls etc. You also can confine calls to only during office hours. All numbers include all the feature at no extra cost

Why get Mobile VOIP ? Well you wont have to get calls forwarded to a cellphone , where you pay for incoming calls . All calls to the mobile app on mobile VOIP is free for incoming and outgoing will be charged to your account . Taking your calls wherever you are has never become easier , your clients wont know whether you are office based or mobile . Please note that on mobile data especially whilst being mobile the mobile data signal will fluctuate so it can affect your quality , however if you are stationary on mobile data and you do have good quality internet , the calls will be crystal clear.

Making outgoing calls from Mobile VOIP will allow you to be more efficient, instead of waiting to get back to the office and making a call , you can call them from any location. The app we strongly recommend is Acrobits Softphone and it works so well with our system. It never goes off like the free apps and hence the once off cost. The app does however need to be connected to the internet for it work efficiently and effectively.

We have introduced the economical price of ( from )$4 per month depending on the country needed. Sign up now and get your number within a couple of hours. Dont forget to add your Registration docs – only certain countries need apply.