Your clients call you free , you do however pay for all incoming calls for a only a few cents per minute. This service is great for sales and customer support , government helplines and charity hotlines. The idea is for high volume calls to be free , especially on a longer call waiting period . Some callers feel aggravated spending money or airtime making calls and holding for minutes at a time . 0808 numbers will help you keep your clients happier and for longer.

UK 0808 Numbers can also be known as UK freephone numbers or free call numbers. Other prefixes are also available such as 0800 , 800, 1-800 and 0808 , this is always followed with seven other digits. We do have access to Golden numbers as well , do enquire with us about purchasing one .

National and toll free numbers are only reachable from within the UK numbers , some callers outside the UK will have some difficulties connecting succesfully , this is usually dependant of the network they are using to make the call. Restrictions from other Service providers will be in effect as it maybe a high cost of the call to allow freely , on their network.

Benefits of 0808 Toll Free Numbers

  • 0808 numbers can be forwarded to a cellphone(s) as a call forwarding option (see rates)
  • Customize and manage communications with your own VoIP phone system using a SIP forwarding destination.
  • Manage your own PBX and all its features included
  • Unlimited extensions for all your operators , 2 incoming channels allowed , enquire for more lines.
  • Keep your clients happier with free calls on longer call waititng.

How to order an 0808 number?

Getting an 0808 number has never been easier , simply sign up ,choose your toll free area code . Extra documentation as proof of ownership will be needed. This process can take a couple of hours for activation of the number.

Our services also include at no extra cost :

  • 2 channels , extra channels are $10 for two.
  • Call recordings.
  • Outbound calling