Are 0800 numbers free?

I wanted to share some insight on how 0800 numbers work and are 0800 numbers free is the question everyone is asking.
As an end user when you call an 0800 number it is supposed to be free. I say supposed to be as thus rule will vary from country to country and some networks are happy to offer a free call to the 0800 number and some are less so especially calling from a mobile device. Before making a call to a regular number speak to your provider to make sure 0800 numbers are free from mobiles.
As a business who owns an 0800 number, you ask are 0800 numbers free? Your end users will call you free however you will foot the bill for that incoming call. Rates do vary according to different countries but you can view our prices here as well as your monthly rental.

So what type of company would ideally like a number like this ? We find that most government numbers , insurance companies and other larger corporates with a huge client base that can save their clients money especially for the less affluent clients who may not have airtime to waste , its a really good selling point as well.
Getting an 0800 number from us is convenient as it comes with a self managed system that you can set up yourself with features like welcome message , queuing facility , call recordings and 300 channels ( may vary from country to country). You can view all the features that you get at no extra cost.

Best of all you dont need to set up additional landlines and switchboards as thats all included , so what do you need to get going ? You need VOIP phones for each agent that connects to data through a LAN port . The higher the data quality the better the call quality .

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